Additional Patient Stories

EM, a 75-year-old male with radiation cystitis, was transferred from another New York-area medical center to the care of Dr. Brem's team so that he could receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After undergoing 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatment sessions, his symptoms have been completely resolved.

IB is a 95-year-old female with non-reconstructable vascular disease. She had been told by multiple physicians that below-the-knee amputation was her only option. However, after treatment by Dr. Brem's podiatric surgery colleagues, working in conjunction with the team's hyperbaric oxygen therapy specialists, she is now able to walk normally. 

JD is a 58-year-old female with anal carcinoma that required a major abdominal peritoneal resection. The additional radiation therapy she received caused her initial surgical wound to re-open. Using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Dr. Brem's team designed a plan that resulted in the complete closure of her wound. Whereas she had been unable to sit without pain prior to treatment, she is now in good health and enjoying an excellent quality of life. 

WK, a 50-year-old diabetic male, presented to Dr. Brem's wound healng team with a severe foot infection. He received timely debridement of his wound, followed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy as well as a combination of the team's unique delivery of growth factors and cell therapy, the choice of which was predicated on the pathological basis of the tissue left behind in his wound. He is now completely healed.

CC is a 61-year-old female who came to us with a diabetic toe ulcer that had resulted in a horrific infection in her underlying bone. The wound infection was brought under control by the vascular surgery specialists on Dr. Brem's team. She went on to receive a unique combination of regenerative medicine (e.g., collagen therapy) along with multiple hyperbaric sessions, and is now completely healed. 

KL, a woman in her nineties, developed a wound on her heel. She was taken to the operating room, where her wound was surgically debrided and a skin-like material called Integra was placed in the wound. Two weeks later, she returned to the operating room for a skin graft performed by Dr. Brem's plastic surgery colleagues. Her wound healed completely and she was able to resume walking.

GM, a middle-aged female with no previous medical history, injured her right ankle and then developed a contusion at the injury site, which eventually progressed into a chronic open wound on her ankle. She underwent surgical debridement and a fat grafting procedure, administered by Dr. Brem's plastic surgery colleagues. Three months later, her foot had a good contour and she was able to resume walking.

TW, a middle-aged female, developed a buttock wound after having a tumor removed from that area and undergoing radiation therapy. The patient initially underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the wound, but when healing continued to progress slowly, she was found to be a good candidate for fat grafting. Over the span of three months, the patient underwent three fat grafting procedures performed by Dr. Brem's wound care team. One year after the initial fat grafting procedure, the wound has become much smaller. The patient is receiving ongoing wound care as the healing process continues.



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